Apache2 server DOS vulnerability

This type of denial of service attack allows a single machine to take down another machine’s web server with minimal bandwidth.This type of attack tries to keep as many possible connections to the target machine via the web server. This is accomplished by sending framented packets to the target. Periodically after the establishment of the connection, it will send HTTP header(s), but never completing the actual request. The default timeout is 300 seconds, so by including Keep-Alive in the headers and also with the gesture of fragmented packets, the server will wait for the session to timout and eventally filling up the maximum concurrent connection pool(all threads are busy at this time), thus DOSed.

Couple of days ago i wrote an app to automate this attack and will be published soon. Anyways its demo time!


4 thoughts on “Apache2 server DOS vulnerability

    1. Hello Albi Deak, how are you? I watched couple of videos on your channel, i felt like the people who do this should be brought to justice in some way but not via cyber actions. If you take down them, they always get back up because its just few clicks away from creating another site. All im saying is that by learning something powerful which can change the world can be fragile. Learn everything, but use it for good, dont get yourself in prision. Happy hacking and saving lives.


      1. Hello root
        Thanks for your nice answer xx.
        Websites hacking is a kind of protest action to attract attention.
        For more than 10 years ago I protest against dolphin slaughter and abuse, unfortunately in vain.
        Therefore, I want shoot down websites that are directly related to the atrocities in conjunction.
        I know Kali linux, have installed it, tor proxychains and VPN also. But I will try to punish without conventional DDoS these people, if possible.

        The life of innocent sea animals must be protected. The seas are dying through exploitation by humans. When oceans die, humans can’t live on earth,no oxygen; that’s scientifically proven. Oceans produce 78% of our oxygen. Whales and dolphins are most important in first and last ocean-biology-chain. They fertilize the oceans with their feces. Marine microalgae need these fertilizer. This microalgae produce our oxygen. 46 million cetaceans were within 100 years killed by people.
        The small remainder, lower than 2 million cetaceans worldwide need to be protected.

        I want with website hacking protest protect the heritage of our next generations and in same time to stop these atrocities.

        Happy hacking brother xx

        Im sorry for my bad englich 🙂


      2. No sorries needed bro, i dont judge people about their fluency. Well that huge comment was quite good. I should be thankful to you for yout act against the dolphin slaughter and abuse, keep it up with the protest, But there are a lot of risk involved if you choose to protest by cyber actions, please be safe and dont end up in prision, thats all i got to say.


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